Forged Silver Spoon Making

Duration: 2 days

The lecturer for this course is Duncan Edwards, a traditional spoon maker, working in the industry, in Sheffield, for many years.

He now creates ‘one off’ contemporary pieces of flatware and cutlery for private collections and exhibitions.

The course is a delight as Duncan is very passionate about passing on his skills to students. However this course is not for the faint hearted as it is hard work. It will teach students how to use a hammer correctly to change the shape of the metal into something of beauty. The feeling of control of the metal is taught and many forgotten skills passed on by Duncan. It will benefit students to have used a torch prior to this course.

The silver spoon is made in Britannia silver (charged at the time of the course with current metal price), the students having already made a prototype in copper to learn the art of forging. As it is made from a single bar of metal and totally hammered into the spoon shape the course is a little noisy and definitely hard work but so satisfying.

Each person on the course dictates the final shape of their spoon. Students decide as they are working what their spoon will be used for – olives, cereals, punch or just a tactile decorative yet usable object to be enjoyed.