Fusing with Argentium Silver

Duration: 2 days

Peter Johns, the inventor of this wonderful metal, will be joining us for our next 2 day Argentium course. In 1990 Peter’s research working with alloying germanium and silver led to his producing argentium with it’s unique properties. It is now used worldwide by both the small studio worker and also the large scale manufacturers. During this course we will be learning the ways of fusing and soldering working only with argentium. So why learn to use argentium? Because it has properties that allow you to produce work that is impossible in our traditional sterling silver as well as having a great tarnish resistance.

Argentium works slightly differently in some respects to working with sterling and these we will demonstrated and the new techniques used during the course.

We will make pieces using the techniques of granulation and fusion without solder. We will also create using argentium solder in the same pieces.

The materials cost for this course is £100.

Apart from the most important problem solved for silversmiths of no fire stain we also have wonderful attributes for jewellers. What are they, well one is that people who are allergic to wearing silver can wear Argentium. This opens up our market to people who are wanting to wear a white metal but have been unable to find a cheaper alternative to platinum and gold.

Another great attribute to this metal is that it can be taken from soft to fully hard by a simple heat treatment. This therefore means that all of us who like to make our own ear wires and findings can now make them in a thinner guage metal, therefore we are able to make lighter weight jewellery. Argentium has an amazing ductability and can be stretched much thinner before the inevitable hole will appear when doing things like chasing and repousse.

As well as soldering very easily it can also be fused to itself and also to other metals. If we want to put a little gold highlight on a piece of jewellery we can fuse it on therefore skipping the sometimes overdone solder seam.

Argentium has its own hallmark and is stamped .925 as it is still a sterling silver, although you can buy it at the higher standard of Britannia silver if preferred and it will be hallmarked as such. There is a well established Argentium guild with a very informative website.

So why not join us for this 2 day course, in which we will be making the ring in the images and one of the necklaces. The necklaces are staged in degrees of difficulty and therefore we are going to accommodate all standards of jewellers. But everyone will learn and make all the components to make the difficult necklace should they wish to do so when they return home.