Wire Wrapping Course

Duration: 2 days

Wire Wrapping is one of the oldest jewellery making techniques. Jewellery made using this method has been found in the pyramids and has also been seen in Roman and Celtic jewellery. The jewellery uses wire twisted interlocked and woven, there is no soldering or gluing. The art of wire wrapping requires a minimum amount of tools and can be a wonderful and inexpensive way to start your jewellery making journey.


Rachel Murgatroyd is an expert in this field of wire jewellery making, and has been making wire jewellery for over 20 years. She has had tutorials published in many jewellery making magazines and has been teaching wire jewellery for over a decade.

Day 1:

The course will be adapted to each and every group of students to ensure that the best level of skill is achieved.

The first day commences with simple movements of the pliers and wire to create basic bead dangles, however we will move on swiftly to rings of varying complexity followed by earrings and a gemstone pendant.

Day 2:

Again, the day will be tailored to the needs of the class. You will create a structured bangle with square wire and a pendant that will encase a semi-precious gemstone. The stone wrap is the building block of nearly all wire wrapped pendants.

Skills you will learn:

  • Tools, use and handling
  • Wire – the different tempers and their uses, sizes shapes and how they are used in creating jewellery How to manipulate wire using tools and how to produce a softer, more organic form with the fingers
  • How to use square wire and keep it straight and flat
  • Using pre made settings to add faceted gemstones to your work
  • Using a coiling gizmo
  • Using forms to help with shaping
  • Finishing a piece to a high standard
  • Cleaning and maintaining the jewellery
  • Oxidizing and how it can be used to compliment your work
  • Most other aspects of Wire Wrapping will be covered also
  • Rachel is very generous with her experience and knowledge and is delighted to share any information you require, whether it is to find out about suppliers or help with selling your finished pieces

Jewellery you will create:

You will create a minimum of:

  • Several copper rings
  • A silver ring
  • Copper and silver earrings
  • A silver Bangle
  • 2 x pendants – one with a faceted gemstone and one stone wrap
  • Each class will be slightly different to take in changing designs and fashions as well as the ability of the classes.

Materials costs:

Rachel will provide all the materials you will need on this course for £80