Wire Weaving Course

Duration: 2 days

Wire Weaving is a beautiful way to create jewellery and is a very relaxing way of creating things of beauty to wear. The jewellery uses wire: twisted, interlocked and woven – there is no soldering or gluing. The art of wire weaving requires a minimum amount of tools and can be a wonderful and inexpensive way to start your jewellery making journey.


Rachel Murgatroyd is an expert in this field of wire jewellery making, and has been making wire jewellery for over 20 years. She has had tutorials published in many jewellery making magazines and has been teaching wire jewellery for over a decade.

Day 1 & 2:

You begin by creating practice pieces in copper. Using several different weaves these pieces can be used to refer back to as the two day course continues.

You will then create a ring and a pendant in copper.

Once everyone is confident using copper you will move onto Sterling and Fine silver to create a choice of a Ring and Pendant or a Bangle. You will also be taught the processes for creating all of these items.

Skills you will learn:

  • Several different weaves using tools and fingers to form the wires
  • Which weaves work best with what types of jewellery
  • Crafting rings and how to ensure they are structurally sound
  • How to set stones in wire jewellery
  • Adding clasps and how to make them an attractive feature of your work
  • Correct tension
  • Finishing wire jewellery to a high standard
  • Cleaning, polishing and maintaining your jewellery
  • How to use oxidation to highlight your work.

You will create:

  • Copper practice pieces
  • A Ring and a Pendant in copper
  • A choice of either a Ring and a Pendant in Sterling and Fine Silver, or a Bangle in Sterling and Fine silver

Materials costs:

All the materials will be provided for £100. Alternatively, you have the option to not work with silver and instead produce all the pieces exclusively in copper, which will reduce the materials cost to £50